Don Bosco Alumni Association of Calgary





Registered Office:

#28 41-Chelsea Street, N.W.

Calgary, AB. T2K 1P1




  1. The name of the society is “Don Bosco Alumni Association of Calgary”

(Hereinafter referred to as ‘dbaac’.)


  1. The objective of the association are:

To promote and perpetuate the spirit of  John Don Bosco. 


  1. To communicate all the past students of Salesian Schools in Calgary.



Alex Yu Man-Chiu  (Sal)

Pa Wong Pak-Ning (Sal)

Dominic Wong Che-Chiu (Sal)

Dr. John Poon Chun-Pang  (Sal)

Peter Leung Yuk-Ning  (ATS)

Simon Lau Chi-Kwong (TKP)

Paul Mok Kai-Tung (ATS)












Don Bosco Alumni Association of Calgary





By Laws:


1 Any past student of Salesian Schools is eligible for membership.


2 No membership fee.


3 The governing and administrative body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors which shall consist of the following officers:


4 Directors:

a)     Any prospective Director(s) nominated by the Chairman and one of the incumbent directors require to receive a minimum of 50% ballots from other Board of Directors (BOD) prior to becoming new Director(s).

b)     Minimum number of directors is five and maximum is 12.

c)     No maximum term of office for directors. 

d)     A minimum of 50% ballots from the Board of Directors (BOD) is required to dismiss the incumbent Chairman, officers or directors.

e)     Quorum:  BOD meeting needs 1/3 of total BOD to be in attendance.


5 Officers:

The board of directors shall elect, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman

       Treasurer and a Secretary from its rank and such other officers as it may determine from time to time.  The duties of all officers of the Association shall be such as the terms of their appointments called for or the Board of Directors require of them.


6        Board of Directors and Office


a)     All officers shall hold office for a term of two years after which the term may be extended after receiving a minimum of 50% of ballots from the BOD.


b)     New addition

Chairman and officers shall be elected by the BOD.  









7 The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will be responsible for auditing the books One month before the annual general meeting.


8 The Association shall have a seal which shall be kept in the office by the



9         By-Law will be amended from time to time by BOD and approved at the annual general meeting.


10    Unless otherwise stated,  the arrangement of annual dinner will be alternated by the following order: -

1) Salesian School

2) Tang King Po School

3)  Aberdeen Technical School

4)  All Others (St. Louis, Macau Yuet Wah, Macau Salesian, Our Lady...)


11    Two Board of Directors meetings shall be held annually

a)       First week of May

-          Summer activities


b)      First week of December

-          Appoint new directors

-          Elect officers for the next two years

-          Arrange annual dinner for the following year



All members are entitled to a free copy of the Constitution and By-Laws at the time of first sign up to the Association.



Amended Dec 15, 2008




Suggestions are always welcome.

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